Why Wooden Toys?

Toys have changed during the last century but one thing that has not changed is the fascination of both young and old alike with wooden toys. There are so many benefits. One of the most important benefits is the invitation to touch, feel and explore, an important component of any education program. While children may play with a plastic toy, their interest can quickly wane, and few, if any, encourage children to actually learn through touch. Wooden toys however, are very different! Though it cannot be explained by anything scientific, wooden toys just seem to have the “magic touch” when it comes to encouraging imaginative play through exploration and contact.

Wooden toys encourage natural learning through imaginative and creative play. Wooden toys will help unlock their imaginative minds and allow their personality to develop. Perhaps it is baking a cake with their wooden toy kitchen set or building their wooden dolls’ house together with their parents. Interaction will occur and allow their little interior decorators’ creativity to show! A wooden toy barn and wooden toy fence can create lots of memories as dads and sons play together and get all the farming done.
Durability is another strong advantage of wooden toys. Modern plastic toys can frequently and easily be destroyed, wooden toys are designed to last . This makes wooden toys real value for money.

SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY - Wooden toys don’t need batteries, electricity or software packages so they are kind to our planet.
Our Le Toy Van wooden toys are made of MDF (medium density fibrewood) and Rubberwood. Rubberwood trees, after 26-30 years of latex production, are felled and new ones planted. Other woods are cut down for the sole purposes of producing furniture however, rubberwood is used only after it completes its latex producing cycle and dies, making it eco-friendly.

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