Why imaginative play is so important for your child's development

Staying at home may have limited your child’s ability to socialize with friends but there are some pros to extended periods of time at home, alone or with siblings.

At Playtoys we are passionate about imaginative play, as it is one of corner stones for early childhood development. In this new normal that we find ourselves, why not use your child’s increased free time to grow new skills. 

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Through imaginative play a child learns how to

  • solve problems
  • co-ordinate
  • co-operate and
  • think flexibly

According to phycologist, Doctor Scott Kaufman, dramatic or imaginative play helps children to learn 5 key skills:

  1. Learning about themselves and the world

Through imaginative play they can make sense of what they have observed in the world. Their dolls become themselves and are a safe way to express feelings, likes, dislikes, interests and abilities.

  1. Work out confusing or scary life issues

Imaginative play allows children to become more comfortable and prepare for life events by re-enacting them.

  1. Develop complex social thinking skills

Thinking strategically, communication and social skills are developed whilst engaging in imaginative play. Children learn to negotiate, consider other’s perspectives, transfer knowledge, delay gratification, balance ideas, develop a plan and act on it, explore symbolism, express and listen to thoughts and ideas, and assign tasks and roles.

  1. Cultivate social and emotional intelligence
  1. Synthesise knowledge and skills

Through imaginative play they can blend their knowledge and skills, but children need to be given the opportunity to do this.

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So now that we know how important it is here are some imaginative play ideas:

  1. Recreate their favorite stories
  2. Provide dolls and puppets. At Playtoys Le Toy Van, Budkins or Doll houses are ideal for this.
  3. Prop boxes like shopping, the doctor, the beach. Our Le Toy Van Honeybake range is a win here.
  4. Make time. 

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