Portable Toys and Activities for the holidays

Helping reduce family holiday stress with help from our friends at Tiger Tribe.

School holidays are here again and usually they are a time when families seek out new adventures and an escape from the daily routine. 2020 has provided plenty of challenges for how to spend the ‘holidays’ – and depending on where you live in South Africa – these September school holidays are bound to be very different to previous years.

Whether you’re lucky enough to be taking a roadtrip (let’s face it no-one is flying at the moment), or enjoying more meals at restaurants - as parents we are always looking for ways to keep kids occupied, ideally with something that involves genuine engagement and an unplugged screen alternative.

With that in mind and school holidays once more upon us and we are so excited to be able to stock the Tiger Tribe range of compact portable play activity sets are here to help reduce the stress.

Portable play Tiger Tribe activities have one or more of the following criteria:

  • Compact enough to easily throw into mum’s handbag, the family daypack, stash in the car seat-back pocket, carry-on luggage (remember that?) or a kid’s backpack
  • Small enough to easily use on an aeroplane food tray, in the back seat of the car or at a restaurant table
  • Containable — everything you need to complete the activity must come in a self-contained box (so nothing gets lost). Making it super easy to pack up too!
  • Offer a non-digital alternative to help ‘un-plug’ kids
  • Provide high value content, so kids remain engaged for extended periods of time.

Here's our top picks for Portable Play activities this school holidays from Tiger Tribe:

For older kids (we suggest 7-10 years):

 For early primary kids:

And for the younger siblings: