Lottie Dolls

Lottie’s body is based on the average proportions of a 9 year old girl, developed alongside academics in the
areas of child psychology and nutrition. Lottie represents a healthy view on body image, and is a positive role model. Lottie is all about doing many of the activities a real child her age would do, and is not concerned with growing up too quickly. Lottie doesn’t wear make-up, high-heels or jewellery.

Lottie dolls come in a range of diverse eye, hair and skin colours. Lottie wears the kind of clothes that kids wear in real-life, whether that is pretty party dresses, hard-wearing clothes and boots to get muddy outdoors, sportswear or fun dress up costumes!

Lottie has won 21 International awards, including 5
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Awards.

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